Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taiwan 2013

Taiwan Day 5: 26/07/2013

Rise and shine and our whole body was aching badly!
My neck felt as if it couldn't move and it goes all the way down to my spine.
I guess the water activities from yesterday was so vigorous that it is taking a toll on my body now.
Not to mention I was thrown into the water several times and hanging on to my dear life would not help much in saving all the body aches.

Arms are aching so badly as well since I used most of my arm strength to hold on to the floats all the time.
So bumped we're visiting the theme park today and I worry my condition would worsen from the rides. :/

Got dressed and off we go down the service apartment for breakfast.

Collected our theme park tickets from the service apartment counter. 
We bought the tickets from them as it was cheaper. NT$970/pax.

Breakfast was also provided! It was actually a little cafe opposite the service apartment.
But I think they collaborated and gave out coupons to the service apartment.
So actually our breakfast was included in our accommodation price and they gave us a coupon to redeem.
I'd say its a really scrumptious breakfast! 

After breakfast we took the train to Zuoying station where the E-Da Bus is.
The price for the bus ride is NT$37/pax and it brings us all the way to E-Da Theme Park! 

Our ticket to board the bus.

Not long before we finally arrive at EDa Theme Park! 
This ride was right smack at the entrance and everyone was so amazed/frightened by it haha. 

I am quite an adrenaline junkie but, even this scares me.

The entrance was quite complicated. 

Another ticket. Like whutttt!??? So many tickets! 

So high!!! 

Theme park mascots that are so cute! Love the rhino.

Apparently there is some performance going on but we only managed to catch the last 10mins or so. 
Which is their credits -.-

Loving their Santaroni theme!
Everywhere just looks like ancient Greek kind of architecture. Super good for taking OOTDs!

Another one of the biggest roller coaster there.

I realize for EDa Theme Park, its a place for kids mostly. All the thing are cutsie and all the rides are kiddish.
There is only 2 rides that is bigger scale and its these 2 that I've introduced and one more water slide.
Others are just for kids. So the place is pretty small and boring.

Look! Cannot imagine this is actually in a theme park. Would've been so real!

The infamous big horse at EDa Theme Park. 

Some kiddy water ride.

The weather was so freaking hot that we've decided to go into the indoor theme park!

Enjoying my ice-cream ahahahah. 

Only ride inside the building is this bumper car. 
Jz and I actually queued up behind so many other kids from some school's excursion and played with them.

There's a ride above the building but I think it wasn't open that day. 

Sitting outside and chilling.

See Jz's face like so swollen. Lololol.

Gloomy sky indicates that it is gna rain soon!

After this photo was taken, Jz and I decided to leave. But we didn't want to just yet.
Because we have not taken a single ride yet!! Ok we took the water ride which drenched us like mad but not v fun.
So, we were sitting around, wondering if we should take the U-shaped ride. I was scared.
But, to make our money worth, I am up for it.

Jz kept trying to convince me that its not scary. But you know what, I screamed like mad.
Really the longest scream I ever let out. The vertical drop is enough to kill me.

When we came down of the ride, I couldn't find me voice anymore. But it was fun :)
I am glad Jz 'force' me to go up the ride. :D

Outside of the theme park is a shopping mall.
We walked around the mall for a while before waiting for the bus back!

This is the same bus that brought us here from Zuoying station. 

Btw Zuoying station has this very beautiful glass ceiling! 
We went back to our apartment to rest for a little while before heading out again for dinner.

What's new. Its Leoho Night Market tonight!

Back at the papaya mikshake shop.

They even sell cow souvenirs.

And the workers wore these cute litl cow hats!

My favouritest papaya milk of the entire trip!!!!

Check out the giant squid tentacles!

Their teh-tarik is in a packet like this! 

Jz saw this bun thing and wanted to try. The filling inside has eggs and he chose oysters.

Ewww... Not a fan of oysters.

End off the night with a collage of the food we ate.

Back to the hotel to pack up and rest. 
Leaving to Hualien tomorrow and I am so stocked! Can't wait to check out our apartment! :DDDDD